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Who We Are

"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do."

― C.G. Jung ―

American Financial Services does not provide standard, buttoned-up, cookie-cutter wealth management services. Instead, you’ll find that warmth and caring are a part of our DNA. We approach our work and responsibilities with the utmost diligence and experience. We relate to the people we support more like family than the arms-length relationships many clients expect.

We genuinely enjoy the people we work with and want to brighten their lives as well as support their goals and dreams. We host regular events and have fun with our clients. After working together for a while, you can’t help but feel like a part of our family.

From the first day we meet with you, we will use every ounce of our energy and experience to help you build the financial life you desire.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their dreams and alleviate their worries by providing thoughtful financial guidance throughout their life’s journey.

We walk beside our clients, supporting them with the care and foresight to help overcome obstacles and seize opportunities whenever they arise.

A United Team

When you join our client family, you have four experienced professionals supporting your complete financial future. We each bring specific skills, experience, and knowledge, and our team will work together to help you achieve your goals.